91 7th and 8th Grade Create your own adventure story.

Add your "Door" link to the bottom of the paragraph after it has been PEER edited and initialed.

Continue other stories by writing a paragraph about what happened next and ending your paragraph with a Cliffhanger so that others can continue your story.

You should add at least one new paragraph to a story every class period and edit another one.

On his/her/my walk home from school, to her/his/my new house, he/I/she saw the mail truck stopped at their/my house. Deciding to be nice to his/her/my parents he/she/I got the mail out of the mailbox and brought it into the house. While throwing the mail onto the kitchen counter, a bright red envelope caught his/her/my eye. Curious, he/she/I looked at the bright rosy envelope to see who it was for. It said "Please deliver to the shed behind the house." Thinking this was a fun game, thought up by his/her/my parents to get him/her/me to find the new bike that had been promised, he/she/I walked out to the shed, opened the door and stepped it side. Boom! The door slammed shut behind him/her/me, it was locked. Feeling around for the light switch he/she/I found them and flicked the switch. The lights came on and he/she/I saw a room with over 30 closed doors. Not knowing what else to do he/she/I walked over and opened door number...

Door Links:
1.She opened door number one and was confused when all she saw was baby blue.
2.HE opened the door and the smell of the ocean stung his nose
3. As he opens the door into his backyard
4.I opened the door.
5.You open door 5 and see- nothing?
6. As I stepped through the door..
7.I entered a room covered with flowers
8.I stepped over the threshold
9. When Fred cautiously stepped in door 9 he felt a light breeze.
10. George stepped into a brightly lit circular room filled with balloons.
11.He opened door 11 thinking there would be a present or something like but..... .
12.he opened door number 12 and saw a huge open field.
13. He opened door 13 and was immediately washed into curling waves of warm ocean water.
14. The door opened then a wave of darkness washed over him.
15. she slowly walked through door 15
16. she opened door 16 and saw a room full of shoes.
17. Door 17 lots of fog and hippo;s
18.I went to door number 18.
19.When he opened door 19 he was shot by a nerf gun and got knock out
20.Jackie Moon opened door number 20
21.Janaleen opened door number 21
22.Bob opened door number 22
23.and saw lots of colorful doors
24.Magical door 24
25.He found a letter
26. As I opened door 26, I got pegged with a ping pong ball.
27.I found my self on a horse