I stepped over the threshold, and glanced around. The room was not very large, with neutral colors painted on the walls.
Shrugging, I turned around to leave. The knob was gone. Frustrated, I kicked the wall angrily, managing to do nothing but hurt my foot. I turned around to find another way out and found that the walls had changed color to scarlet.
Now, slightly confused, I saw a hint of light blue shimmer across the walls before settling.
I walked forward and nearly fell on my face. Looking to see what I had fallen on, I saw an old-fashioned metal ring, painted the exact shade of the room around me. I pulled it, and dropped down a trapdoor to the floor below. Although I don't think 'floor' was the right term. The surface I landed on was surprisingly springing and soft, like mud.
Or maybe quicksand.
I wanted to get out of here, so I started running toward the other end of the room, and finding it increasingly different. When I was up to my shoulders, I gave up and sank down.