I fell a very short way but somehow when I looked up there was an extremely tall ceiling. Looking to my left I saw a heavily barricaded door. There was no other way out. What was more, I saw the ceiling had slowly started to lower.
To my right there was a pile of supplies.
Feeling completely lost, I sorted through the various things hoping to find something to destroy the barricade. I came upon some sulfuric acid, and considered drinking it before setting it aside. I looked through everything, putting anything useful aside, until I was completely done.
Looking up, I saw the ceiling had lowered to only a few feet above my head. I put everything useful in a pack I found, and half-ducked, half-ran until I found a hole in the ground I hadn't even seen before. It was several yards away, though, so I army crawled until I reached it. I dove for it, and made it-- mostly. My shoelace caught, and while trying to yank it out, the ceiling crunched my foot.
Screaming, I pulled it out and fell into the hole.