A Chloe Bell. She was wearing her signature plaid shirt and Big Star jeans.
"Owww," the Chloe Bell screamed in pain!
"Sorry!! I can't control this thing." Kayla screamed back.
Chloe's eyes glanced all around Kayla, checking her out. She realized there was blood everywhere gushing out of her arm. She gasped and quickly ran away to her safe spot, Nordstroms. Once Chloe got there she was surprised to find Alyssa there. They both shared this spot and almost always saw each other there. Alyssa had a super cute jacket and Seven Jeans in her hand. Chloe immediately knew what would make her feel better, a muscular man holding an even cuter than Alyssa's super cute jacket, a sheer gold tank top. It billowed with the fan above and Chloe immediately fell in love, and not just with the shirt. Chloe pulled out her AmEx and waved at the man and said,
"Charge it!"