I saw a mixture between a monkey and a jellyfish. Now this is odd I thought to myself.
"Hmmm," the mixture thing hummed at me and then his mouth thingy, well where a mouth was supposed to be at least, slowly crept into a smile.
I have seen some weird things in my life, but this was the weirdest. His smile was sorta like a frown, but his eyes were smiling with delight and I could tell he was trying to smile the best he could. It was almost like he had never smiled before.
"Imma mellkey," he said as the words were trying very hard to come out of his mouth. Obviously he didn't know much English, or any at all. Then the "mellkey" turned around and shook his booty, almost like he was waving, but with his booty instead of his hand.
"Haha," I was trying to keep the laugh from coming out but it was just too funny. His purple fur was billowing back and forth from the swaying movements. The "mellkey" quickly turned around, his smile was gone and in return there was a...