Jackie ran faster than he ever had before! Even faster with his super speedy running shoes. Pretty soon he looked down and realized he wasn't on the ground anymore.
"Ahhh," Jackie cried.
He had been running at lightning speed and was going so fast he was practically flying. He realized how awesome this was and started squealing with delight!
All of the sudden he felt a clunk and a clank. He looked behind and saw the lollipop! Now how did that get here, he wondered. I could've sworn it was just in front of me. Well anyways he realized the lollipop stick was jabbing at his super speedy shoes. Now this was a pretty big problem. If the shoes were even broken or loose just a little bit they would be useless till they were fixed by the Super Speedy Shoe Guy.
The lollipop just kept jabbing and finally the shoelaces became untied and Jackie Moon fell to his death, or so the super shiny lollipop thought...